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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Clots at the Heart of Europe

The Observer has gone against the grain of modern journalism by doing some actual research, and has come up with some unsavoury titbits about the leader of Daveybloke's Cuddly Coalition, Michal Kaminski. Despite Daveybloke's apparent belief that he is a statesman and a scholar, Kaminski appears to have said the thing that was not about an interview he gave to a "far-right Polish journal, Nasza Polska" (Our Poland), about the murder of several hundred Jews in the town of Jedwabne, in collaboration with the occupying Nazis, during July 1941. Kaminski denies that he did the interview and that he "tried to stop" the Polish president, Aleksander Kwasniewski, from apologising for the Jedwabne indiscretion. Unfortunately, the Observer has not only interviewed Jedwabne residents and Polish journalists who remember Kaminski's activities at the time, but has also found television footage of Kaminski saying: "I think that Mr President can apologise but for other things. He should withhold apologies for Jedwabne." The editor-in-chief of Nasza Polska has also been inconsiderate enough to confirm that Kaminski gave the interview which Kaminski says he never gave.

Kaminski writes in a letter to the Observer that he has "fought anti-semitism all his political life", despite "a lifetime of work supporting Israel", which has been persecuting selected Semites for more than forty years. Kaminski states that his position on the Jedwabne indiscretion has been misrepresented and regrets the ungentlemanly behaviour of his opponents, but remains silent on the lapse of memory which caused him to claim that the interview with Nasza Polska never took place.

Daveybloke himself, as Kaminski's subordinate in Europe, was apparently too busy being cuddly and regretting the ungentlemanly behaviour of his opponents in Norwich North to give any opinion on the matter. Nevertheless, Daveybloke's withdrawal from the mainstream right-wing bloc in Europe and subsequent cuddling up to beauties like Kaminski has irritated both the German and the French governments - a diplomatic coup to rival that of the Polish Law and Justice Party, which managed to annoy both Germany and Russia while cuddling up to George W Bush.


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