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Monday, January 13, 2020

The All-New, All-You, Full-Colour Holocaust Reboot

Oh, but why stop there? If it's relevance and humanity you want, why not deck out the site itself as a theme park: special trains, a new dimension to the queueing experience (twins half-price, courtesy of Dr Mengele), a tour of the gasworks and then off to the restaurant and souvenir shop. By the hundredth anniversary of the liberation, by which time such elder statesbeings as Dominic Raab and Michael Gove will doubtless be complaining that Mr Churchill's personal role has been much underestimated thanks to the beastly Russians and their fifth column among the historiographical élite, we may even have the resources to raise the dead from the lime-pits and let them toddle authentically about the place on minimum wage.

Even the Christian churches, which rank among the most blatantly materialistic and cynically showy enterprises in European history, have managed to grasp the idea that the way to keep something sacred is to leave it alone. That's why those inefficient Communists and philosemitic Catholics demolished the Führerbunker and left Auschwitz I (the Polish part) standing, despite the future potential for ticket sales at both. Now that Auschwitz has been humanised, for those who cannot detect humanity in monochrome, by transformation into a showcase for a special effect, what relevance will it have that it lacked before - other than to give the deniers yet further proof that these days you can fake anything?


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