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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

An Honest Mistake that Anyone Could Have Made

Further proof, if any were needed, that perspective is a thing of the past has emerged in the fuss being made over a minor secretarial error by one of the Johnson administration's more gormless token fillies. It is no easy matter to replace an intellectual firebucket of the calibre of the disgraced former Minister for Werritty; but the Imperial Haystack has found a worthy successor in Liz Truss, apparently surnamed for the gusset-busting weight of bollocks she can sustain without coming undone. With the Saudi rampage in Yemen reaching ever more profitable heights of pious humanitarianism, Truss absent-mindedly approved licences to export military equipment for use by Whitehall's favourite Islamic fundamentalist head-choppers. Even the rigorously undemanding standards of Her Majesty's Government stop a little short of permitting such direct involvement, so Truss dashed off an apology and toddled back to her plans for flooding the New Zealand economy with chlorinated British lamb. Nevertheless, various malcontents and citizens of nowhere continue to whinge and whine as though the poor appliance had done something wrong. Unfortunately Truss, as a mere token filly and a commoner, cannot avail herself of the Johnson defence and simply proclaim that the law doesn't apply to nice people. Instead she has to resort to the altogether more plebeian plea that she is so sorry for having broken the law that she doesn't need to be punished; which of course makes the malcontents' caddish conduct all the more unchivalrous.


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