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Monday, April 29, 2019

What We Fought For

One of the many problems with allowing immigrants to marry normal women, even if they can afford the fine imposed by the Ministry for Wogs, Frogs and Huns, is the risk that atavistic darkie urges may compel the unfortunate creatures to follow their natural inclinations and bring their families over. Some such affliction is evidently the problem with a former beneficiary of the Reverend Blair's crusade in Iraq, who has been convicted of people-trafficking because he illegally imported his infant niece for treatment on the NHS. The child and her family were in a refugee camp at Dunkirk, having fled the successors to those terrorists whom the Reverend Blair's crusade was intended to wipe off the map, and the seven-month-old was careless or calculating enough to fall into an open fire and thereby gain medical attention for which she had paid no tax. Her subsequent unlicensed immigration into the civilised world was apparently motivated by primitive, superstitious fears of infection, although the judge who imprisoned her uncle noted the element of low cunning involved in this parodic aping of British family values. Having been jailed for two years, the callous criminal is liable for deportation back to Iraq, where it is to be hoped the values instilled in that country during the Reverend Blair's crusade will stimulate some modest moral improvement.


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