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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Final Demand

We are all aware, because the compliant Sajid Javid has been good enough to bugle his Objectivist triumph all over the blotto voce Conservative leadership caucus, that the compliant Sajid Javid narrowly escaped a life of near-profitless petty crime and attained his present gilded gutter purely by dint of application, gumption and buccaneering pluck. Unfortunately, he seems to have imported one or two little quirks from the canaille into the higher reaches of statesmanship. A "technical issue" at the Ministry for Wog Control has caused a payment to be missed to the United States Department of Mural Paranoia and Wetback Containerment, which means that US citizens are being treated for all the world like queue-jumpers of the melanin-rich persuasion. Failing to pay one's bills on time may be a privilege of the aristocracy as well as a vice of the idle poor, but it is unlikely to foster much goodwill among the blue-rinsed wog-bashers in quest of whose votes the tarbrushed parvenu Javid has done so much strutting and posturing, especially when the special relationship is at stake. The question inevitably arises how Prime Minister Javid might behave in relation to our independent, American-owned nuclear deterrent, should genocide become a convenient option for preserving Britain's continued global pre-eminence. If he had to press the button, would he be able in good conscience to guarantee that the electricity hadn't been cut off the week before?


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