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Thursday, February 07, 2019

Uncle Tom Javid Whups Himself Some Bad Guys

Among the many jolly things about British justice is the fact that nobody can be punished more than once for the same offence, unless of course they happen to be a wog. Thus the compliant Sajid Javid's moral reformation of the Ministry for Windrush continues apace with the deporting of twenty-nine people who had committed crimes and served their sentences. Two days ago Javid informed the House of Expenses Claimants that all the deportees had been convicted of serious crimes such as rape, murder, firearms offences and drug trafficking; yesterday the Ministry was forced to issue a clarification which, after the usual fashion of such things, clarified that Javid had said the thing that is not. The Ministry for Windrush had a bit of a whine about those who abuse its famous hospitality, and a bit of a squeal about the prison sentences: "the total combined sentence of their crimes is over 150 years' imprisonment," which, averaged out over twenty-nine people, makes a little over five years each. Presumably the one single conviction for murder drew a substantially longer sentence than the rest, which would lower their average still further and imply that most of the other offences were in fact comparatively minor, if not quite so minor as that of inadvertently misleading Parliament again.


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