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Saturday, February 09, 2019

Empire-Style Punishment Beatings

With so much of Britain's free and cantankerous press focused laser-like upon Labour's plans to deport the Jews, it is encouraging to see the former Minister for Werritty receiving a little credit for his own efforts in refuting the Conservative Party's almost entirely understated reputation for racism. In his capacity as Secretary of State for Speculative Trade, the vole-brained ex-Minister for Wog-Bombing has been toddling around the world ordering developing countries to sign up to trade deals with the Recrudescent Imperium of Westminster, Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands. Even leaving aside the intellectual capabilities of the former Minister for Werritty, it is impossible to say what such deals will actually be worth; for the very simple reason that nobody, least of all Her Majesty's even simpler Government, has the slightest idea what future relationship will exist between the Recrudescent Imperium and the beastly Euro-wogs. Accordingly, the former Minister for Werritty has employed the Conservative equivalent of subtle diplomacy and started threatening Global Britain's potential trading partners with punitive tariffs should they continue to be uppity. This will undoubtedly shame into instant silence those pessimists, queue-jumpers and citizens of nowhere who dare to trump up charges of prejudice against the party of Windrush and the Go Home vans: Her Majesty's Government is treating the lesser breeds to exactly the same blind Brexit as it seeks to impose upon the master race.


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