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Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Basking Comfortably in the Business Climate

Given that the disastrous consequences of climate change became apparent some twenty years ago, and that we have spent those twenty years being ruled by various factions of the British Neoliberal Party, it should come as no surprise that our precious United Kingdom remains at the very forefront of the nothing and worse-than-nothing that is being done. In a year when global carbon emissions broke new records, ninety per cent of Britain's business community has no interest in reduction targets and seventy per cent of executives for sustainable corporativity are quite satisfied with their CEO's opinion that sufficient dynamism is being applied and that no staff changes in the department of corporate sustainability will be necessary for a little while yet. A few companies have carried out "consultations", some of which, it is to be hoped, adequately served the usual purpose of such exercises by drawing out potential troublemakers and making them ripe for the next round of human resource efficiency savings. In a pleasingly postmodern twist, the second most popular idea in response to the invitation to provide ideas was that companies should invite staff to provide ideas. It is, of course, precisely this barnstorming spirit of buccaneering entrepreneurialism that has brought our great nation to the enviable position we occupy today.


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