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Monday, November 05, 2018

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Some years ago I wrote a novella called The Foundations of the Twenty-First Century, an alternate-history ghost story which was generously reviewed by a connoisseur of the obscure and underappreciated in science fiction literature. More recently I perpetrated I, Mengele, a work of alternate-history film criticism set in the same world twenty-five years later, which also received very charitable notices, not only from J Sewell McEvoy but also from a film critic resident in the present reality, as well as from a couple of kind gentlemen who posted reviews on the Lulu site. Since the idea of Nazis in London seems relevant these days, though goodness knows why, my latest is, like The Foundations, a ghost story set on an important anniversary. (In fact, I started it on 3 September, the anniversary of Britain's declaration of war, and had to resist considerable temptation to publish it, for reasons of poppy-oriented spite, on 11 November.) The killing which starts the story is based on the murder of Bruno Schulz, the great Polish visionary who was shot by his protector's rival in the spirit of a malicious neighbour poisoning next door's dog. I made up everything else.

The Last of Glasseye is available in paperback and, if you must, as a PDF ebook, and should be read, rated and reviewed with all possible alacrity; otherwise, I fear I cannot be answerable for the consequences.


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