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Saturday, October 06, 2018

We Cannot Rest Content With Merely Halting the Ocker Genocide

...there is a distinction between an urn and a chamber-pot, and ... it is this distinction above all that provides culture with elbow room. The others, those who fail to make this distinction, are divided into those who use the urn as a chamber-pot and those who use the chamber-pot as an urn.
Karl Kraus

Now that the great Australian nation has been more or less thoroughly rescued from both immigrant invasion and Aboriginal subversion, the time has clearly come to complete the transition and bring the country's entire culture down to exactly the proper level. A roaring start has been made in New South Wales, where the state government has ordered Sydney Opera House to allow an application for advertising space by a horse-racing firm, much to the horror of the metropolitan élites. Given that the opera house's exterior is so well known, allowing it to go unused for moderate and sensible purposes would clearly be a criminal waste of potential; particularly at a time of straitened macro-economic circumstances when so many hard-working bookies are struggling to keep the thylacine from the door. On the other hand, it could simply be that the New South Wales state government is in ecstatic thrall to a right-wing loudmouth with the manners of a mugger and the cultural sensitivity of a treponeme, as regularly occurs with certain moderate and sensible politicians here on the mainland.


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