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Saturday, June 02, 2018

Animal Rationis Capax

Gender inequality is unprofitable and hence at least arguably undesirable, according to research commissioned by the World Bank. Women are less likely to be educated, to be employed or to be paid for the work they do; and when they are employed, they are more likely to work fewer hours and for lower pay. The children of young and poorly-educated women are at greater risk of malnourishment, academic underachievement, and even of dying off altogether before they have the opportunity of contributing to the wealth of the World Bank, or any bank at all. This would of course be a deplorable situation if human society were ruled by purely materialistic considerations; fortunately, our most genuine and enduring values are protected by our great moral traditions. Such is the power of their ethical imperative that they have regulated our conduct for thousands of years, not least because anyone going against them could be stoned or burned alive. By comparison, even the moral stature of the World Bank may still have room for improvement.


  • At 1:00 am , Blogger Emma said...

    When my mama had me, her Jesus-flavored family kicked her out of the house because my father is black. She nearly starved to death, because whatever forces operated Ronald Reagan believed in punishing the morally careless with what substituted for fire in the 1980s — complete economic quarantine.

    And she fed me all the food, also.

    Although our situation came out all right because of luck and my mother's beauty & tactical shrewdness, most other women in her circumstances aren't as fortunate. In places where moral carelessness is still actually punished by fire (or stoning), I wouldn't now have the privilege of sitting at my new iMac leaving you blog comments.

    This realization has, more or less, become the animating political principle in my entire life.

    It makes me laugh a lot when 19-year-old boys call me a "misandrist" on social media because I've criticized their overweening, invisible privilege.

    Story time over!

  • At 4:02 am , Blogger Philip said...

    Give them a few years. Once they're more socialised and their hormones settle down, they'll moderate their opinions and instead call you out for simple ingratitude.


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