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Monday, May 28, 2018

Home Is...

Healthy new changes are clearly afoot at the Ministry for Wog Warehousing. Not only has the dynamic new Home Secretary and former minister for homelessness changed the word hostile in hostile environment to something else, but suspected refugees in detention are subject to an equally enlightened change of régime. Naturally, many are still being illegally held without trial, without appeal and without limits on their time as guests of Her Majesty's Government; and needless to say, many victims of persecution and torture are still being imprisoned for long periods or else thrown out onto the streets with no accommodation and no support. In the bad old days before the wholly accidental and thoroughly well-intentioned Windrush persecutions came to light, the Ministry for Wog Warehousing would simply have shrugged off such cases with some bureaucratic blather about its ever-increasing efficiency, leavened perhaps with a bit of Churchillian orotundity about protecting hard-working taxpayers from the migrant scourge. Now that lessons have been learned after the usual fashion, the Ministry is taking a more sophisticated approach, proclaiming that indefinite detention at the unlawful pleasure of the dead-eyed warden's boot-boys is really quite similar to living in emergency accommodation. Once her Majesty's Government has truly shaken itself free of all that nonsense about human rights, no doubt we can look to the day when everyday life in the Recrudescent Imperium will bear a similarly salubrious resemblance.


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