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Monday, April 16, 2018

Of All the Surprising Things to Happen

Even the most profound intellect is not immune from error, and even the most honourably-intentioned and well-thought-out policy may occasionally result in unforeseen and perhaps undesirable consequences. It will be self-evident from the foregoing that the subject under discussion is the Ministry for Wog Control and its hostile environment for swarming hordes of the Windrush persuasion, which has blown up rather spectacularly in the faces of Tumbledown Tessie and the Minister for Barbadian Tax Arrangements. Four years ago the previous Home Secretary, whoever that may have been, removed the legal protection afforded such people, doubtless while her Liberal Democrat coalition partners were distracted by issues of greater moment; and yet some evil stroke of fate has decreed that people whom the Home Office deliberately deprived of protection now have no protection from attack by the Home Office. Fortunately, nobody has been deported for lack of documentation, although some people may have been deported by accident; nobody seems to know just how many, but one can hardly expect the Ministry for Wog Control to bother about things like that - not while a single cockroach remains in Britain, especially when it could be making itself more useful helping to ready the Commonwealth for its great new task of propping up the British economy after Brexit. Comfortingly enough, the race-baiting Clegg-pledger in charge of the Home Office has promised that the Home Office will sort it all out.


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