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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Effective Action

America's greatness has been yet further renewed with yet another school massacre. The perpetrator, who was captured alive, had a history of mental health problems and had been expelled from the school for violence. Doubtless any suggestion of risk associated with this history was effectively hidden behind his healthier traits, which included an obsession with firearms and a love of shooting animals. Hence his possession of a semi-automatic rifle was perfectly legal, in accordance with the Constitutional amendment which puts the NRA next to Godliness. Since God did so much to prevent things becoming unpleasant, the federal government has responded by offering its prayers.


  • At 8:02 pm , Blogger Emma said...

    It is forbidden in the United States to publicly notice that God is nonexistent (or silent and useless, which amounts to the same thing) and that guns ought to be outlawed for civilians — making that kind of comment suggests that you're an oppressor and a crusader against Freedom and Justice, & probably also one of the Real Racists, as well.

    Soon lunatics like Alex Jones, who have been legitimized by Donald Trump's presidency, will be claiming that this shooting was a 'false flag' operation — a long-con plot by the FBI (or whoever) to steal the precious firearms that keep America's treasured racist fascist white suburban Rage Dads tumescent.

    Incidentally, do you remember when one of our top journalists (who's recently been promoted to a position as an Opinion columnist at the Washington Post, despite being innumerate and barely capable of stringing words together) said that the fire at Grenfelll Tower was just the cost of doing business, and that there was no evidence a sprinkler system would have actually prevented a tragedy? ('Tragedy' is here defined as "a loss of profit for real estate professionals.")

    I know the UK — and every other country in the world — is deeply troubled by massive structural and cultural problems. But I think you have to agree that my people are winning the race to the bottom.

  • At 1:14 pm , Blogger Philip said...

    Since we now know that the problem in this case was Mental Health Not Guns, I wonder if false-flag claims will be necessary. Being psycho, the poor kid just failed to understand the true nature of American-ness and went and democratised the wrong people. A minor if regrettable incidence of friendly fire in the ongoing culture war. An honest goof that could happen to anyone with an automatic rifle and a couple of blown brain-fuses.


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