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Monday, January 08, 2018

Well Ahead of the Bad Guys

The values that built the British Empire continue to bear their world-improving fruit, in the shape of a forty-two per cent increase in productivity with regard to suspected enemy combatant pre-emptive detrimentation. There is, as usual, no credible evidence of British airstrikes resulting in civilian deaths, although the Ministry for Wog-Bombing has looked in all the cupboards and Her Majesty's Government has even asked the head-chopping House of Saud if everything was tickety-boo. (The head-chopping House of Saud, after an investigation rigorous enough to satisfy Michael Fallon, confirmed that everything was.) By contrast, the terrorists' bag of civilians for the past year showed hardly any change, which may partly account for the present boom in casualties among unarmed asymmetrical combatants in civilian uniform. If the terrorist market is bottoming out, or even flatlining, responsible governments have no other recourse but to seek alternative targets. To have bombs and not to use them would be almost as wasteful as leaving oil in the ground.


  • At 10:16 pm , Blogger Mongo, At The Moment said...

    Sirs and or Madams:

    Since the end of the nazi war, a great assumption has been that all the Us-versus-Them-isms our Boffins have been turning out would ensure that those labouring types, with soiled trousers and cardigans busting out at the elbows, keep their places.

    Aside from the usual good Wog, bad Wog, that musical turn with the Reds had a particularly long run, but when the Commies copped it, eventually that had to be replaced with this terrorism business. It was less musical, and occasionally caused backups in traffic or goat cheese shortages. No matter.

    Such a pity! We know times change. Now, with the Brexit vote behind us, as we ask the Common Man to strain at the windlass, pull up the Great Drawbridge, and tell the damned Euwwwww where they can put it all, the need to make certain there is always an external (or internal, or both) enemy for that Common Man to focus on becomes -- how shall we put it -- keenly felt.

    Should take a leaf from the Yanks' book, here. Nearly every segment of their society is facing off against someone, thereby deflecting attention from the titanic windfall just handed to their Owner class. As is only right and correct.

    Please see something similar is done here, with all speed.

    I am, Sirs or Madams,

    A. Steadly-Hearmoor (Decs.)

  • At 6:31 pm , Blogger Philip said...

    Sirrah (or Crumpet),

    Your nearly coherent missive of comments inst. has been duly received and its recommendations will be enforced to the last drop of non-imported lager.

    In attaining American levels of competition, of course, the problem that faces us glowering like a recently-outwitted Brusso-Strasbourgian negotiator is the lack of a level playing field. Unlike each and every member of the American enforcing classes, Britons are not allowed to carry guns even in primary school, which raises considerable difficulties in taking back control of our lawless streets armed only with bulldog courage and a rolled-up copy of the Daily Mail with the 12-year-old Temptress page removed for later reference.

    Britain's armed forces have made great strides economically speaking, with aircraft carriers that do not carry aircraft and nuclear weapons that can just about find North America when aimed at the Russian Bear; but ony when the People is properly weaponised as well as monetised will our nation's true density be fulfilled.


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