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Friday, December 15, 2017

Cathedral of Co-operation or Barmy Army

Now that Britain is no longer available to provide a non-ideological counterweight to the integrationist juggernaut that is Brusso-Strasbourgian neo-Prussianism, the ghastly Euro-wogs are plotting to integrate their military powers. This was initially considered a rather rah-rah thing on the mainland, but problems arose when it became apparent that integrating with Europe might reduce our sycophantic dependence on the United States. Now the United States has decided that a hydrophobic head-tribble and its orange rubber dangler fight best alone, the Recrudescent Imperium may condescend to tag along after all; though doubtless we shall hear a good deal about British regiments no longer being by appointment to the monarch, and about the Luftwaffe pinching all the RAF's best planes, and about the French being lukewarm about the right kind of wog-bombing, and so forth. The Imperial Haystack had a bit of a burble about flying buttresses, which mercifully he has been informed are an architectural feature and not part of Bomber Command; although he still seems to think they are not an integral part of the architecture, but just leap gloriously and entrepreneurially in wherever they are needed. Fiends that they are, the Euro-wogs seem to have nodded politely and got back to work. Clearly, they have much to learn.


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