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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Another Grand Alliance

With her usual exquisite sense of comic timing, the dead-eyed warden of HM Prison UK is to visit Poland just as the ghastly Euro-wogs are plotting to censure the country's brave little government. The ruling Law and Justice party is a member of a gay-bashing, climate-denying bloc in the Euro-wog parliament, which has previously attracted the Jew-baiting Michał Kamiński, some fans of the Latvian Waffen-SS and a smarmy little chancer named David Cameron. The late Head Boy allied the British Conservative MEPs with the far-right rabble in one of his various appeasements of the Farage Falange; and the invertebrate authoritarian and self-appointed Trumpster groupie Tumbledown Tessie is not one to desert her allies just because they happen to be obnoxious fruitcakes. Law and Justice are in trouble with the ghastly Euro-wogs for taking protective measures against the judiciary becoming enemies of the people; but as long as the ghastly Euro-wogs continue in their failure to recognise the intellectual and moral supremacy of David Davis, any show of solidarity could result in hard words from Brussels and squeals about punishment beatings from the Dunkirk veterans at home. Fortunately, Tumbledown Tessie's previous acts of statesmanship in this area include having dinner in Sweden and deploying a hundred and fifty of the British Light Dragoons on the Polish-Russian border in case the year should happen to be 1795.


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