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Saturday, November 25, 2017

We Do Not Negotiate With Health Bosses

Never let it be said that the present administration is a mere continuation of the Bullingdon Club's. Just because both have features in common, notably the formative influence of Rupert Murdoch as embodied in various ministerial pets, that doesn't mean an empty suit cannot still aspire to leave its personal stamp on history. Health policy under the Bullingdons and their little orange helpers was motivated by the sniggering nastiness of playground bullies and the sweaty-palmed haste of greasy little asset-strippers; under the present régime it has taken a soberer turn, and the empty suit at the Treasury has reduced the planned funding for the NHS in England on the highly responsible grounds that the NHS in England had the unpardonable bad manners to ask for it. Since lots of other people were asking for funding besides the NHS, the empty suit had no choice but to become very annoyed with the NHS, and to blame the continuing absence of £350 million a week on those elements of the hated public sector which still seem to think that Her Majesty's Government has some sort of responsibility for the well-being of Her Majesty's subjects. As with our enemies in Europe, the empty suit cannot afford to be seen listening to people who know what they are talking about; let alone giving in to the sort of blackmail which says that you only get what you pay for.


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