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Monday, October 16, 2017

The Orange Carpet

Fury at meteorologist party-poopers

Skies all over Britain have been turning the shade of President Trump's head-tribble today in a spontaneous outpouring of affectionate respect for Theresa May's oldest and loudest ally.

In the wake of Liam Fox's triumphant trade mission, in which he managed the spectacular success of landing in America instead of India, patriotic Britons have taken control of the heavens in tribute to the nation's feudal overlord.

The spontaneous demonstrations of respectful affection are thought to be intended as partial compensation for the recent downgrading of the President's scheduled state visit.

What was originally advertised as a full ceremonial reception with optional royal pussy-grab is now more likely to consist of a working afternoon at the trough with whoever happens to be prime minister at the time, or in extremis with Boris Johnson.

However, mere experts have exacerbated the far-left bias of mere facts by attributing the sky's new colour to dust thrown into the atmosphere from recent golf course clearance phenomena in Africa and the Portugal region of Spain.

The president has expressed scepticism on the subject of climate change, in accordance with the minority of scientific opinion which states that large quantities of dust in the air have no effect on the atmosphere but can help to improve the poor by making them work harder for their breath.

The British government has expressed some agreement with the Chinese, but in practice regards climate change on a par with justice or public education, as something to be dealt with by Michael Gove.

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