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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Muddy Materialism

Despite the simplifying effects of the Bullingdon bonfire of red tape, it appears that our fast-approaching freedom from the toils of Brusso-Strasbourgian bureaucracy remains, for some, not an altogether glorious prospect. Indeed, the practicalities involved have given a couple of former Home Office flunkeys occasion to blaspheme. Trapped as they are in the merely real, and cut off by their worldly natures from the Empyrean refinement of Brexiteer doctrine, the two ex-specialists in wog control went so far as to suggest, not only that the Home Office would need to recruit extra staff, but that it would need to train them and quite likely pay them as well. Assuming that resident Euro-wogs aren't all simply kicked out on principle, the Government plans to implement a moderately hostile environment for those who may still have failed to take the hint after the next year and a half, involving identity checks and a requirement to apply for a place on a database of settled sub-Britannics. Even in the event of a Great Simplification, such as would occur should plucky little Britain decide to go it alone and battle on without a deal, the two heretics maintained that some sort of border staff would be required, although it should be obvious from the Government's long and happy relationship with information technology that all the confusing bits could quite easily be handled using electronical computators. If only civil servants weren't around to muddy the clear blue waters of faith in the People's Will, we could have been out and free and selling Trident to North Korea by now.


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