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Saturday, September 09, 2017

Just a Bit of Wind

Is there no decency or pity in the world? Have trendy lefties like Lord Naseby no sense of basic humanity? Has Tin-Pot Tessie not called a Cobra meeting and made rah-rah noises about the military? Do people not realise that Priti Patel's Department for International Development is a profit-making enterprise, not a charity for exploitation by shirkers who can't even bestir themselves to get out of the way of their own hurricanes and into their holiday homes or wine cellars? Lord Naseby went so far as to refer to Caribbean natives as British citizens, implying some sort of moral equivalence with tourists in their climate-stabilising airliners. Britain is even now sullied by migrants with the merely legal right to call themselves British citizens, but has Lord Naseby thought what disasters might ensue if the Government were to treat them as though they were members of the human race? Other critics of the Government have even spoken the blasphemous words forward planning, as if ministers from the parliamentary wing of the Farage Falange were somehow to blame for not anticipating consequences which were widely and reliably predicted and against which numerous lesser breeds somehow managed to guard themselves. Surely this persecution must end. Is it not enough that the Government should be put to the trouble of making up facts on which to base its policies, without also having to adjust its delicate senses to the cumbersome vulgarities of the merely real?


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