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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Stitching Up is a Girl Job

Along with one or two other little matters, Her Majesty's Government has difficulties with the English language. Even the obnoxious disyllabic neologism whose definition was the Government's to determine has proved beyond its powers: from the android headmistress through the sniggering schoolboys to the thick-headed bullies and blue-rinsers, nobody knows what Brexit means. Thus it hardly seems fair to expect the same blathering rabble to understand what a conflict of interest looks like, even with the former Minister for Werritty burbling and squeaking in Cabinet meetings. A government that consulted fast-food companies about reforming the National Health Service is hardly likely to be sensitive to the subtleties of independent reviews; especially when the review in question concerns nothing more than building regulations and fire safety, viz. red tape. Accordingly, the Government has further demonstrated the quantity of toss it gives about Grenfell Tower by appointing, as chair of the said review, a former director of a body which promotes products containing the material which apparently made the tower so conveniently combustible. Dame Judith Hackitt resigned from that role a full twenty-four hours before the Minister for Mere Minorities appointed her to chair the review, so that's all right. Of course, Dame Judith herself had no part in approving products; similarly, I dare say there are many parliamentary expenses claimants who voted enthusiastically for all the Government's anti-NHS measures, have financial interests in private healthcare and yet somehow manage to refrain from performing surgery.


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