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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

She Still Can't Half Pick 'Em

Electoral disaster, public contempt and the sound of sharpening daggers from behind have done little to diminish Tin-Pot Tessie's talent in choosing her subordinates. Authoritarian rulers often prefer to surround themselves with people less competent and charismatic than they are; which is quite a problem for the dead-eyed warden of HM Prison UK, who has neither the efficiency of Stalin nor the emotional intelligence of Hitler. Fortunately, in the Parliamentary Conservative Party she has at her disposal a gallery of grotesques such as a sane society would confine to children's entertainment or to very private zoos; and her latest appointment for Team Yah-Boo Johnny Euro-Wog need have no fear of being eclipsed even by pantaloon-popping clowns like the joke Foreign Secretary or the ex-Minister for Werritty. Steve Baker has been caught on video farting out a rah-rah for a right-wing hot-air society; it was a few years ago, but rather less far in the past than Corbyn's talks with Sinn Féin. Baker babbles that the euro-wogs have "succeeded in raising economic nationalism to a continental scale", blathers about devolving power "to the lowest possible level" and burbles that the EU is an obstacle to "free trade and peace among all the nations of Europe as well as the world", and must be wholly torn down and wiped off the map and so forth. His qualifications for negotiating with grown-ups apparently consist in Tin-Pot Tessie's hope that he may have matured a bit during the intervening period, rather like the blithering prima donna David Davis putting away childish things and deciding that a database state is just the thing after all.


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