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Monday, July 31, 2017

Let Us Reason Together

In the wake of the Gard case, an official spokesbeing for the Creator of mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome has been quick to demonstrate the moral courage and intellectual heft of the Anglican Communion. The Archbishop of Canterbury took the painful affair as an opportunity to wag his finger at those nasty materialistic rationalists who think that our actions might be best determined by reason and evidence rather than by hormones and priests. It is perhaps unfair to chide a man for defending irrationalism when unreason is his daily bread; but the Archbishop of Canterbury's thought for the day seems to fall a little short in terms of justifying the ways of God to man. For example, if we admit the irrational but Gospel truth that a sparrow cannot fall to earth without the knowledge of the Archbishop's invisible employer, how rational are we permitted to be in our conclusions as to the ultimate responsibility for dead babies and the suffering that results? Should those who suffer not be rebuked for failing to rejoice in the will of their Father? He is, after all, rather well known for making lofty moral points by killing children, whether His own or those of others. If the Gard calvary has such an improving place in the divine plan, then the Archbishop's place is to defend and praise the death of Charlie Gard; if not, then the Archbishop's invisible employer is not the almighty Creator of mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, but a feeble and useless fraud whose mercy towards His children cannot even stretch to keeping a few proteins in order. Or am I being too reasonable?


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