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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Did You Lead Him On? Please Tick One Box

Along with immigrants, the bereaved and the disabled, the greatest threats to our national well-being are of course rape victims, and the Government has taken appropriately buccaneering and entrepreneurial action to ensure that they do not unduly detriment the fortunes of the deserving tax-dodger. As part of new measures to disincentivise excessive breeding among the proles, rape victims will have to fill out an eight-page form and declare that they no longer live with their attacker, because the Government is dashed if it's going to waste public money on people without sufficient initiative to risk walking out on a violent partner. There is as yet no obligation for the victim to declare her chastity, sobriety and modesty of dress; but further consultations are planned. The purpose of the form is to ensure that claimants of a certain social class have a valid reason for producing a third child when they know very well that they are allowed fodder for only two; hence the rape victims are required to supply the identity of their tainted offspring "to give us the evidence we need to support you further". Any such support will naturally occur by way of whatever nearly-secure databases the DWP's boot-boys choose to maintain for sale to the most benignant bidders.


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