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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Nobody Speaks Up

Anyone wondering how we got like this could do worse than observe, if they can bear it, the quality of our elder statesmen. The Ascended Incarnation of the Reverend Blair descends every so often to sermonise, or to announce a new foundation through which to cleanse the fruits of his avarice; Gordon Brown sulks, pronounces and sulks again; and the interregnum which nominally led the Conservative Party through the last seven years of the Thatcher régime remains very considerably concerned to be taken seriously by somebody, anybody, anything at all, even a pot plant, oh yes. One of the present perfect storm's few silver linings is that the elevation of Liam Fox, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson unto the political empyrean is more than likely to be pre-empted by the demise of the state itself.

The interregnum, whose messy, directionless government foreshadowed the corruption of Blair, the futility of Brown, the hypocrisy of Cameron and the ineptitude of May, has been disapproving of loudmouth Europhobes who shout down anyone who opposes them. When such ill-mannered behaviour "comes from politicians, including those from within the governing party, it is time to confront it", which the interregnum proceeded to do by not naming any names in case the culprits felt too confronted. The interregnum did, however, pronounce the ultimate anathema by labelling the miscreants "un-British", thereby asserting that anti-democratic thuggery is a Bad Thing because it's unworthy of the master race. Twenty years out of office and twenty-five out of power have clearly done nothing to diminish the interregnum's genius for incoherence.


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