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Friday, December 09, 2016

Grunting and Squealing

Those of a humanitarian bent, if bent is the word I want, will rejoice in the news that Britain's erstwhile Head Boy seems to be doing fairly well for himself. The little purple piggie defended his calling down of the Brexit fiasco, on the grounds that the issue of Europe was "beginning to poison British politics", and since plugging such geysers of toxicity as the Daily Mail went against his religion, there was No Alternative. Also, the issue "was certainly poisoning politics in my own party", and the interests of the country as a whole were as nothing compared to the requirements of middle management and the need to make life for the Head Boy a bit more chillaxy. That certainly turned out well; and with all that's wrong in the world the erstwhile Head Boy found ample time for a bit of a snivel about what really matters, namely the EU referendum costing him his job. On the reality-based planet, the Head Boy was not ejected from his job as Prime Minister, but trotted away from it despite having stated during the campaign that he would not. He then stated that he would stay on in Parliament to serve his constituents, but in short order trotted away from that job too, apparently because the American lecture circuit is a more fiscally exalted arena for his talents. Accordingly, the little purple piggie felt moved to disgorge a few pearls about the rise of populism and what ought to be done about it. Apparently things are all kicking off because people are unhappy, in spite of the Osbornomic miracle, the bedroom tax, and the abandonment of any residual pretence that the world is being run for the benefit of anyone but faceless corporations and the squillionaire mafia. The erstwhile Head Boy's solution is to cut taxes for low-income workers, doubtless including those who are stuck in the pig economy of the American lecture circuit.


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