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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine

Is this the way the world ends - not yet with a bang, but with a bad tangerine dream surmounted and, for all we can imagine, steered by a hydrophobic mutant tribble? It seems like a good start; and with both the Senate and the House of Representatives now controlled by the Republicans, it would appear that we are to be denied even the minor consolation of a congressional rally to the Clinton vision of business as usual with minor adjustments. Certainly, any American who has the moral turpitude not to be a middle-income white man-child or his grab-pussied helpmeat can look forward to a thoroughly unpleasant time; as can any shirkers and scroungers living in areas with British-standard flood controls, and any breeders who might prefer a habitable planet for the forthcoming fruits of their all-American loins. Nevertheless, as my learned friend the enemy of the people points out, the Trumpster's dismal ascent may not yet be altogether the end of the world. The United States has, after all, endured two long periods within living memory during which the country was effectively without a chief executive: the nineteen-eighties, under the régime of the senile Hollywood C-lister; and the twenty-noughties, under that of the smirking chimpanzee. Much as it pains me to look on the bright side, there are people - not nice, but experienced - who can keep the White House more or less ticking over in such circumstances and who may, in the interests of their own convenience, prevent or dilute the more obviously biocidal initiatives. There are Republicans who, barring a whimsical abrogation of the Constitution, will have to face their constituents in two years' time; which might just possibly be long enough for even the Democrats to think of a better offer than the one just made and rejected. There is even - assuming the Trumpster's professed lack of interest in poking Russia with a sharp stick is genuine - some small possibility that the world may become slightly safer in the short term than it would have been under the First Female.


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