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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Blood, Toil, Tears and Soames

Vexatious legalisms and politically-correct human rights are set to wobble the jowls of the mentally diaphanous Conservative MP, Nicholas Soames, who is chair of a mercenary contracting firm called Aegis (foreign meaning: shield of Zeus; British meaning: sponsorship). Aegis profited considerably from the late crusade in Iraq by providing armed guards to defend US military bases, the US military at that time being apparently incapable of defending itself except against weapons of mass nonexistence. Some of the company's armed guards had been recruited in Sierra Leone, which was then a recent beneficiary of the Reverend Blair's crusade for titanium; and some of the recruits had been child soldiers during the civil war. Since they were both cheap and experienced, Aegis saw nothing wrong in using them; and naturally Aegis asked no questions about their former lives because there is nothing a mercenary corporation finds more distasteful than penalising people for being forced into an unpleasant job, especially when those people are cheaper than Europeans and thereby impose upon the said companies a sacred duty to recruit them. Nevertheless, two beneficiaries of the Aegis back-to-work scheme are attempting to sue the company for placing them in a traumatic situation and failing to care for their mental health, despite the fact that not providing such care would have been cheaper than providing it and therefore a sacred duty also.


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