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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Words of Honour

In the interests of taking back control and returning sovereignty to Parliament, the dead-eyed warden of HM Prison UK has been conducting private meetings with foreign car manufacturers, and has apparently persuaded them to invest in Britain on the strength of some assurances which neither side has deigned to disclose. Presumably Nissan have been granted honorary non-wog status along with whatever feudal rights over the white working class are deemed appropriate for the aspiring North Korea of the Atlantic. The chief executive of Nissan had expressed doubt over whether the investment would go ahead without some sort of financial compensation for any tariffs "imposed after Brexit" (in Standard English, tariffs to which the North Korea of the Atlantic may expose itself by flouncing out of the club which includes avoidance of said tariffs as a privilege of membership). Nevertheless, it appears that the chief executive of Nissan has consented to be appeased by tea at the Vicarage and Greg Clark's word of honour, and that the rest of the automotive industry will be happy to satisfy itself with the best possible deal which Mad Tessie and her minions have been announcing more or less daily for the past few months. Evidently the National Health Service's three hundred and fifty million a week remains safely ring-fenced, unless some scary Zac-baiting Muslim has made away with it.


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