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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Facts - Who Needs Them?

It is, as we know, better for the whole nation to suffer than for a single immigrant to share our sufferings without due authorisation from the Home Office; so the revelation that the Home Office is revoking drivers' licences and denying people bank accounts, with or without cause, should disturb nobody. According to the chief inspector of borders and immigration, there is no hard evidence that these endeavours to create a hostile environment for the scourge of our shores are having any more effect than did Mad Tessie's famous racist vans; so it is fortunate that hard evidence is now a concern fit only for metropolitan élites and other citizens of nowhere. Whether police, landlords or building society employees, we are all migrant-hunters now, and the dead-eyed warden of HM Prison UK will not allow the legitimate concerns of the white working classes to be buried under mountains of vexatious legalism. "The measures discussed in the independent chief inspector’s report should not be seen in isolation," ordered a spokesbeing for the Ministry for Lock 'em Up and Kick 'em Out, "but as part of the wider action we are taking that has made it harder than ever before for illegal migrants to live in this country." In spite of such wider actions, of course, we are still being swamped; but any contradiction between the two positions will be apparent only in the minds of the aforementioned citizens of nowhere, who are doubtless next on the list for Government-sponsored hindrances to living.


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