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Sunday, June 05, 2016

Nobody Stands With Dave

Britain's Head Boy has evidently decided that his campaign to remain in Downing Street could do with a bit of a boost; and he seems to believe that bringing on the previous empty-headed mediocrity to make a fool of himself over Europe will somehow help matters. The post-Thatcher interregnum's routine career of blathering ineptitude was blighted by enemies on the back benches and saved only by the fact that the Labour party was led by Neil Kinnock. Even the premiership of Gordon Brown was less depressing; mainly, it must be admitted, because Brown's flailing and gurning went on for less than half the time.

Anyway, it is apparent that twenty years in the grey havens have neither undimmed the dullness not sloughed away the sleaze; while the intellectual vacuum sucks as much as ever. The interregnum, who began the neoliberal sabotage of the NHS with his ridiculous internal market, affected worry about what might happen to the NHS. The interregnum, whose régime set a standard for squalor and corruption that New Labour could only build on, was very considerably discombobulated at the fundamental dishonesty of the Not Awfully Nice Party's less refined souls. It certainly shows characteristic adroitness by Britain's Head Boy that he should order his enemies denounced as irrepressibly drab and awful by the Conservative Party's very own Herbert Anchovy.


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