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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

They Have Their Little Foreign Ways

Deeply concerned as to whether British armaments are being utilised with appropriate care, the Ministry for Wogs, Frogs and Huns has today ordered some flunkey called Toby to have a bit of a wheedle at the Saudi ambassador. Britain's Head Boy's favourite fundamentalist head-choppers are carrying out an inquiry as to whether their rampage in Yemen has been as morally pure a crusade as is commercially necessary under the terms of Britain's export licenses. Unfortunately, the Saudis have limited experience of sustained wog-bombing and are not used to shrugging off international scrutiny in the manner of more developed democracies; hence, they are proving frustratingly slow to acquit themselves. Indeed, such is the Saudi inexperience of scrutiny that the British military officers who are given access to every bombing run have been too modest to reach any conclusions of their own, thereby forcing Her Majesty's Government to keep up the flow of armaments. It would certainly be unjust to refuse the House of Saud the wherewithal to wog-bomb before the House of Saud has even decided whether or not it has done anything wrong.


  • At 11:54 pm , Anonymous Michael Greenwell said...

    The love-in with the Saudis, by successive tory/labour and republican/democrat governments, is probably the most obvious example of how stated foreign policy aims arre perhaps not the real ones.

    It also generally goes unmentioned by most MSM. If it is mentioned, it is safely tucked away on the less important pages.

  • At 5:42 pm , Blogger Philip said...

    Every respectable journalist knows that politicians only lie about the big stuff, like their opponents or their sex lives (with the noble exception of John Whittingdale, Minister for Cultchah, Media and Murdoch) while being perfectly frank (if occasionally a bit erroneous) on comparatively minor issues like their reasons for terminating lots of brown people.


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