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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Even Wog-Bashing Has its Season

For all things there is a season: a time to blather and a time to snigger, a time to bluster and a time to simper. Britain's Head Boy has been forced to give a bit of a ticking-off to the Farage Falange and its strutting Caudillo, who have seen in the Brussels murders what they see in everything else; namely the chance for a bit of noisy wog-bashing. Within a couple of hours of the attacks, the Falange's official warlord Mike Nukem was squealing that the whole ghastly business just showed up the perils of lax border controls, while the strutting Caudillo himself proclaimed that he was tired and emotional beyond the usual measure. The reaction of the Falange's parliamentary expenses claimant, Douglas Carswell, appears to have been regrettably muted. Britain's Head Boy rebuked the ill-mannered ones, burbling sanctimoniously that, what with the Belgians being kind enough to distract everyone's attention away from George Osborne, the timing was a little inappropriate for associating our plucky little World War I allies with a swarming bunch of migrants. It was certainly ill-mannered of the Farage Falange to pre-empt whatever new muggings the Head Boy and his chums in the mainstream far-right may wish to mete out, once sufficient minutes have elapsed for good taste and British values to permit it.


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