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Friday, February 19, 2016

One Does Not Bomb A Wog Only To Help His Children

Given the Bullingdon Club's well-known addiction to the finer things in life, from poor-kicking to pig-sticking, no doubt a petition by a hundred and forty-five cultural eminences will prove just what is needed to stir the Head Boy's conscience about the swarming hordes in Calais and Dunkirk. Maintaining the polite fiction that the British and French governments might care about a crisis which is merely humanitarian, the letter urges the Head Boy to exert his purple-visaged charisma upon his French counterparts and persuade them to postpone demolition of parts of the Calais camp until the junior wogs therein can be turned into fully-fledged threats to the deprived children of Albion. Michael Morpurgo has visited the camps, emerging puzzled and indignant that "our prime minister and the French president cannot get together and contrive a way of at least looking after these people in a humane way". The French government has even set up an aggressive police presence at the camps, worthy of those charming people at G4S and Serco, although presumably a little more competent since the camps are still there. One might almost think, pace the harsh realist who perpetrated War Horse, that profiteers and wog-bombers have at best a minimal interest in improving the lives of their victims.


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