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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Breeding Always Tells

Our sebaciously smirking, coke-snorting chancellor has a sebaciously glistening, pouting younger brother whose respect for the medical niceties approaches that of George's colleague Jeremy Hunt. As one of the four scions of the mucilaginous wallpaper barony that is the hard-working family Osborne, Adam Osborne evidently shares his brother's famous commitment to playing hard and working the rules. Five years ago he was suspended from practice because he falsified a prescription for a drug-addicted escort girl; now he has been struck off the register for having sex with a woman he was treating for anxiety and depression. Doubtless it was just a bit of harmless fun, like George screwing the taxpayers; but a potential embarrassment arose when the unfortunate lady tried to kill herself just after Osborne dumped her. Naturally, Osborne deeply regrets any offence he has caused and realises now, with hindsight, that his behaviour was inappropriate and wrong; evidently they forgot to tell him about boundaries when he was studying for the profession. Perhaps he attended a free school, or a Catholic one. Anyway, since it was never his intention to hurt anyone, Osborne gave the temptress fair warning that he would make her pay; so given his family connections we may presumably expect to see her name and picture unflatteringly spattered across the scumbag press in the near future.


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