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Friday, December 18, 2015

Taking the U Out of Kipper

After all Nigel has done, and all those Parliamentary seats where he's made an almost respectable showing, this is his reward. The strutting Caudillo of the Farage Falange has become the new Jeremy Corbyn, as it emerged today that his parliamentary party thinks he should resign, presumably without immediately unresigning himself the way he did last time. The Farage Falange's parliamentary party consists, in its glorious entirety, of the ex-Conservative clown Douglas Carswell, who wants the Falange to become an "optimistic, sunshine, smiley, socially liberal, unapologetically free-market party" much like the one Britain's Head Boy used to burble about before the election of 2010. Undoubtedly this would be some improvement over the rabble of brawling squires, jabbering cretins and whining thugs which constitutes the present image of the Farage Falange and the present reality of the Conservative front bench. Possibly Carswell is also aware of the recent French elections and sees himself as a humanitising liberalator after the fashion of Marine Le Pen, who at least had the sense to blame her own National Front's recent defeat on calumny and defamation rather than postal votes and wogs. It's true that Carswell has ruled himself out of the running as the new Caudillo, but few things are easier to overcome than a politician's modesty.


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