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Friday, December 11, 2015

Keeping Our Country Safe

Even the Ascended Incarnation of the Reverend Blair can make an honest mistake, and at first glance the creation of Islamic State through freedomising interventionism in Iraq might seem precisely that. However, this point of view merely shows up the lack of vision which has always afflicted those who criticise his reverence's world-cleansing and Britishness-boosting activities. The creation of Islamic State, as it now turns out, was a price worth paying to give his reverence the experience he needed in order to deal with Colonel Gaddafi and prevent weapons falling into the hands of Islamic State. Gaddafi, it seems, was "someone who a lot of the time they have been so isolated they have not heard sensible arguments and their system does not allow them for people to come to talk to him", and who failed to grasp that Arabs, being a primitive, non-Westminster sort of people, "are not going to tolerate a tiny group of people often unrepresentative of the majority in the country running the country." Certainly the colonel's eye, like that of Kazakhstan's President Nazarbayev, contained a mote or two which the Reverend Blair's beaming company seems hardly to have shifted at all. Gaddafi disregarded the Reverend Blair's advice, and we all know what happened to him; the aftermath, according to Britain's leading liberal newspaper, "has been cited by opponents of western intervention as a case study in the dangers of removing strong leaders in the Middle East." It has also been cited by the communistic and backsliding as a case study in the dangers of wog-bombing and resource-grabbing without regard to the local population; but then the same sort of people raised much the same sort of objections to the Iraq adventure, which did after all give the Reverend Blair the experience he needed in his crusade against Islamic State.


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