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Friday, November 27, 2015

Taking Legitimate and Lawful Aim

The brilliance of the brilliant Iain Duncan Smith is, as we know, exceeded only by his compassion; which doubtless explains why a high court judge has ruled against him for kicking unpaid carers. The brilliant Duncan Smith has applied a cap on the social security payments people can receive, on the pretext of sending a message to shirkers and scroungers that they ought to try a bit harder for that next zero-hours contract instead of hanging around the food bank all day. Being the brilliant Duncan Smith, he included in the category of work-shy those who spend dozens of hours a week looking after seriously disabled relatives, rather than hiring a private nurse or kicking them out on the street as the brilliant Duncan Smith himself would do. Such useful idiots save the Government about £119,000 million a year, and it was argued that "were carers forced to give up their role, taxpayer-funded services would have to spend huge amounts providing the care instead" - a point that looks increasingly outdated, thanks to the Bullingdon Club's long-term cripple-kicking programme. In response to the ruling, the brilliant Duncan Smith extruded a spokesbeing which proclaimed that the high court agreed with just about everything the Department for Workfare and Privation does; that no carers were affected by the cap except for a few who didn't matter very much; and that the brilliant Duncan Smith is considering his response, the brilliance of which will doubtless, as always, be exceeded only by the compassion.


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