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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Let Sleeping Wogs Lie

Britain is under no obligation to investigate a possible mass murder by its colonial troops because it was all a long time ago, the Supreme Court has ruled. Members of the Scots Guards shot twenty-four unarmed men to death in 1948, during the twelve-year war on terror known in Whitehall as the Malayan Emergency; and, British values being what they are, no government since has bothered with even the token measures to find a scapegoat which would be de rigueur today. An investigation by the Metropolitan Police found evidence which, according to the president of the Supreme Court, "appears to have been compelling and suggests that the killings were unlawful"; that investigation was terminated in 1970, doubtless for the most honourable and democratic of reasons. The Supreme Court has ruled that the duty to investigate dates back only to 1966, when the Euro-wogs introduced another bit of sovereignty-scuppering red tape. Of course it doesn't matter about the Malayans, whose Emergency has vanished, just as effectively as the Kikuyu rebellion in Kenya, from Britain's noble history of stout chaps doing jolly things; but various parties have taken an interest in the case because of the possible consequences for inquiries into Northern Ireland, some of whose inhabitants are very nearly proper white people.


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