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Thursday, September 10, 2015

They Do Not Queeble

Note to Appendix CLXXXVII of the Prolegomenon to the 384,917th quadribinkly report on activity in the field-wave sentience

As observed in the footnote to the thirty-seventh note to Appendix DCCCXXXIV of the previous report (384,916th quadribink), immature wavelets emanating from the funball Sol have stimulated random protein activity on Globular Obstruction No.3 of that system. The wavelets have been reprimanded, but owing to an oversight the activity on the globular obstruction was permitted to continue for another semi-quadribink (viz. 4,000 million GO3 orbits or even less), and has reached a point of considerable diversity. The crust of GO3 has become infested with proteinoids, of which a minority are sufficiently developed to mix with amino acids and other dark matter, and are now attempting to utilise certain portions of our collective anatomy to broadcast crude and boastful messages, apparently on the assumption that the universe is full of proteins awaiting the latest tidings of other proteins. The broadcasts cause us no ill effects, although they do itch at times. The activity on GO3 is expected to subside of its own accord, due to the natural instability of the proteinoid form and the consequent lack of queebling which might otherwise result in new additions to the general field-wave sentience. Accordingly, no action need be taken.


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