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Monday, June 29, 2015

They Have Fought Us on the Beaches, the Bastards

Britain's Head Boy has been doing the statesmanship thingy in response to the murders in Tunisia: he has called a Cobra meeting, dispatched the mad old Home Office cat lady to the scene where she can frighten off any more evil-doers, and had a bit of a burble about what to do next. Since Trident doesn't appear to have deterred the scoundrels, Britain's Head Boy has pledged a "full spectrum" response, which represents an advance over previous pledges (nation's books balanced within a single parliament; no top-down restructuring of the NHS; money no object for the victims of Lake Paterson, etc.) in that it scorns humble falsehood to scale the giddy heights of blathering inanity. A spokesbeing duly clarified matters with the admission that he didn't know what the pledge meant, but that he assumed it meant something or other, of the occurrence of which there is no sign whatever. What it probably means, of course, is that the Government will continue to use the Fighting Sons of Tony as an excuse for doing more or less as the Government pleases, particularly in the fields of all-pervasive snoopery and casual racism. Meanwhile, ministers "privately acknowledge that the starting point for defeating Isis is a stable Iraqi government that embraces alienated Sunni Muslims" - in other words, an administration much like the one headed by that cherished chum and business associate of successive British governments, Saddam Hussein.


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