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Monday, June 15, 2015

Protecting the Virtuous

Those with nothing to hide have nothing to fear; which no doubt explains why the Home Office has spent the last ten months and a purely reasonable amount of taxpayers' money trying to protect its henchmen at two profit-making wog disposal centres. The Home Office has been throwing taxpayers' money at those reliable Serco people, as well as an American company called GEO Group, in the interests of protecting hard-working British jobs, getting a better deal than the hated public sector could offer, and all those other noble motives that the scumbag press and the Farage Falange are so deafeningly unable to talk about. However, the Home Office has come over all coy when asked to give some account to the taxpayer for the money its corporate chums have received, on the grounds that the commercial interests of the said corporate chums would be damaged if the taxpayer found out just how streamlined, efficient and economical they really are. Showing no regard whatever for such delicate matters of state, the Information Commissioner's Office has ordered the Home Office to treat GEO Group and those delightful Serco people as if they were red-tape-spewing financial black holes like the law courts, the NHS or even, for heaven's sake, the BBC. The Government has not as yet decided whether to appeal the ruling or just to sit around and snigger at it until the Information Commissioner's Office can be sold, dismantled or imprisoned without trial under a British Bill of Rights.


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