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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hissy-Fitting For Britain

Uppity Euro-wogs have rebuked the mad old cat lady at the Home Office; who is of course universally known as such because she almost never makes things up provided the scumbag press can do it for her. The Euro-wogs have been indiscreet enough to formulate the beginnings of a European policy for coping with the humanitarian crisis unleased by the wog-bombing of Libya, in which the government of Britain's Head Boy was naturally an enthusiastic participant. Under the proposed rules, should we decide to accept them, the UK would be allocated the values-bending total of 2,309 asylum seekers for whom Brussels would pay. Accordingly, as soon as the proposals were announced the mad old cat lady at the Home Office began foaming that their implementation would mean the end of the world; that starving refugees ("economic migrants" in Newspeak) should be inserted in sterilised cannons and shot back where they came from; and that Britain, despite the endless special exemptions which it has endlessly whined for and won, would have nothing to do with anything except possibly a bit more wog-bombing. The vice-president of the European commission and the EU's representative for foreign policy and security have both reacted with bemusement. The trouble seems to be that, whereas the Government is in fact posturing for the only audience it really cares about, namely the UKIP faction on its own backbenches, the Euro-wogs in their naïve egocentricity persist in believing that Britain's Head Boy and his henchbeings have some sort of interest in what's happening on the Continent.


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