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Sunday, April 05, 2015

Real People Have Problems Too, You Know

As the Nietzschean universe in its eternal recurrence comes back ever and again to the same moment; as the planet on its journey round the sun passes the same point in space; as Hollywood producers remake stale sentiment and as dogs return to their vomit, so the entourage of Britain's Head Boy goes back, ever and anon, to waving dead children about. Since the National Health Service has become a matter of some concern, and since the coalition's promise to avoid chaotic reorganisations and cuts to front-line services has not entirely disappeared into the electronic memory hole, Daveybloke has on this occasion wheeled out his trophy wife to do the dirty work for him. Samantha Cameron, the working mum with the good honest job, has been plugging Little Ivan™ in the Rothermere Stürmer on Sunday, to the effect that looking after a disabled child is quite a burden - especially, no doubt, when one is working too hard to live an easy life on benefits. She described the infantine resource as "one of the great gifts of our lives", and Little Ivan™ has certainly kept on giving since his father's handlers heard the joyous tidings of his politically-timely demise fifteen months before the 2010 election. Meanwhile, now that Gordon Brown is retiring to spend more time with his self-pity, the call for photogenic bereavement will doubtless be echoing through Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition.


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