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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Firm But Fair

Just because the Home Office is now being run by a mad old cat lady rather than the more routine species of thuggish incompetent, we would of course be quite wrong to assume that New Labour values were entirely dead. It will be remembered that the previous administration, in its zealous concern over British jobs for British workers, did everything it could to avoid protecting those Afghan and Iraqi natives who were ingenuous enough to work for the forces of decency; the present administration, which has demonstrated no concern whatever for the jobs of British workers, is nonetheless resolved to carry on that noble tradition. An Afghan man who worked with British troops has been refused asylum on the grounds that he cannot prove his life is in danger from the Taliban; and indeed his claim is somewhat vitiated by the fact that Britain's Head Boy has himself declared Mission Afghanistan accomplished, with all the peace, freedom and profitability this implies. Since the mad mullahs are notoriously unacquainted with the principles of open government and do not share their blacklists even with the Guardian, any proof of danger may be difficult to procure except at the minor cost of the failed asylum seeker's life; by which time, of course, there will be no further need for anyone to worry.


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