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Monday, January 19, 2015

We Are All Responsible, So Why Don't You Do More?

Britain's Head Boy has reacted with unwonted subtlety to Eric Pickles' hobnailed bellyflop into the Muslim Question. In his capacity as Minister for Community Atomisation, Pickles sent a letter to more than a thousand Muslim leaders, informing them that, in case they didn't know it, "everyone needs to help" in dealing with terrorism. Much as when the coalition lectures us all on pitching in to help the bankers and other worthies, the word everyone in this context translates as you, with more than a hint of or else. Pickles ordered his correspondents to show that British Muslimity does not involve blowing things up or killing innocent people, since that is the prerogative of the officially Christian British state. Pickles demanded that young British Muslims be prevented from radicalising through being shown condemnatory statements from other British Muslims. Pickles added a bit of paternalistic nagging that the problem of radicalisation cannot be solved by Whitehall alone, and threw in a few protection-racket threats about help for those in need, which religious institutions sometimes provide and which Eric Pickles and Whitehall are only too happy to kick to pieces when the mood takes them. Britain's Head Boy therefore proclaimed the document "the most reasonable, sensible, moderate letter that Eric could possibly have written", which certainly demonstrates an astute grasp of the extent of Pickles' diplomatic skills.


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