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Monday, December 08, 2014

Then They Came for the Judicial Review, and There Was Nobody Left to Pander To

The Deputy Conservatives would not follow the Conservatives' ideological path of shrinking the state even when there is nothing to be shrunk, according to George Osborne's little orange fag. Having spent much of the present Parliament pandering to the Conservatives before the advent of Nick Clegg's pre-election panic, Osborne's little orange fag accused the Conservatives of pandering to UKIP in a pre-election panic. The Conservatives would like to go on cutting and privatising even after the structural deficit is no longer there to serve as an excuse, however paltry; the Deputy Conservatives, by contrast, believe that some of the vandalism should probably be slowed down to some extent within at least a year or two of there being nothing left. Osborne's little orange fag, whose party voted through the benefits cuts, the sanctions regime, the bedroom tax, the Health and Social Care Act and the abolition of legal aid, is worried that the Conservatives may inflict "unnecessary pain" on the country if they continue doing exactly what they've been doing all this time with the Deputy Conservatives' enthusiastic connivance. Both the Conservatives and the Deputy Conservatives agree that the deficit should be eliminated by 2017-18, although it is not as yet known whether this estimate is as reliable as their previous estimate that the deficit would be eliminated by 2014-15.


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