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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Men of Goodwill

Britain's Head Boy has been preaching Christian values, presumably in another attempt to shore up his vote among the elderly who are more likely to be church-goers. Doubtless he also wishes to bestow spiritual reassurance upon his own back-bench baboons, who tend to favour such venerable Christian values as witch-hunting, Muslim-baiting, misogyny and slave-holding. Daveybloke burbled about the armed forces "protecting people and entire communities from the threat of terrorism and disease"; of course, the Saviour is well known for advocating the use of soldiers in all sorts of circumstances, especially when loving one's enemy. Daveybloke burbled about the volunteers and charity workers whom his administration has done so much to liberate from the ties of materialism. Daveybloke burbled about the churches opening their doors and welcoming one and all unto the spiritual supermarket; the Church of England, like Britain's Head Boy himself, has recently even gone so far as to appoint a token filly to a position of some authority.

Clegg and the Milibeing, by contrast, chose to base their seasonal platitudes around the Christmas truce, doubtless in the hope of connecting with those who vote Sainsbury's.


  • At 6:52 pm , Blogger Unknown said...

    Merry Christmas Philip. I might not comment often, but I always read your posts, as I'm sure many others do.

    It's not much of a Christmas present, but if you've got 45 minutes spare, Justin Welbys 'Desert Island Disks' is worth a listen if only for his total failure to give a coherent reason why, if there is a loving God etc, etc, stuff like his daughter being killed in a car accident, or Rwanda, still happen.

    I was hoping that the obligatory offer of the bible would, in this instance, be withheld, for comedy purposes, but alas...

    All the best


  • At 11:52 pm , Blogger Philip said...

    Thanks. I'm sure I have other regular readers, but I'm not so sure they are many.

    Here's one of my favourite Christmas stories, in which the goodness and mercy of God are shown in their most uncompromising light: Arthur C Clarke's "The Star".

  • At 11:46 am , Anonymous The Judge said...

    Warmest regards as ever from The Bench.

    We must always remember the all-perver...sorry, all-pervading Christian values which underscore our society's civilised values:

  • At 1:05 pm , Blogger Philip said...

    Thank you, m'lud.

    That's the beautiful thing about faith, isn't it - the marvellous intellectual discipline and moral rigour which enables one to believe in Jam Tomorrow, even in the face of bereavement, disaster, or repeated kicks in the face from Yahweh, Serco, the Bullingdon Club or anyone with a similar sense of humour.


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