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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Let Us Therefore Brace Ourselves to our Duty

Translated from the Journalese by Philip Challinor and a traitor

RAF Tornado jets are expected to recommence wog-bombing in Iraq within hours of a vote by the expenses-claiming community to permit Britain's Head Boy a bit of party conference rah-rah.

The Ministry for War and the Colonies is planning for an operation that will last until at least the next general election as part of a US-led coalition that includes the French, the liberal press and some Decent Fundamentalists from Osama bin Laden country.

A ministerial spokesbeing cautioned that there would not be a massive set of explosions similar to those that marked the telegenic 2003 crusade, when the night sky was lit up with burning Iraqis.

“It will not be shock and awe,” the spokesbeing said. “This will be a much more fluid operation, involving surgical strikes and minimal civilian casualties, which has never been thought of before because of the mess made by the last Labour administration.”

Jets, special forces and other exciting toys have been deployed to the region, primarily to help identify targets. So far, not many targets have been identified.

The shortage of targets is compounded by the results of the previous major wog-bombing in Iraq, when the War Against Terror relieved the troubled nation of its ministry buildings and television stations.

Some RAF targets will be predetermined but others will be chosen on an ad hoc, opportunistic basis when something moves or looks at the pilot in a funny way.

The US and its clients are depending on the Iraqi army, the Kurds and some Decent Syrians to defeat the enemy on the ground. The Iraqi army was trained by the US, much like the Army of South Vietnam, the contras, al-Qaida etc.


  • At 10:15 pm , Blogger Rhisiart Gwilym said...

    You have The War Against Terror properly named. But please capital-initial the definite article as well. Then it acronyms unmistakably, and with absolute accuracy: TWAT.


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